What is e-ventr?

e-ventr is a personal event organizer and friendship scout for your mobile. e‐ventr makes it easy for you to arrange meetings with your friends, organize them and accept invitations, whether it is a party, sports, a concert or any other activity. Whenever you want to go out or do any activity with other people like your friends or workpals, take a quick look at your e‐ventr. He tells you all about interesting events and what your friends are going to do. Moreover, your friends will be informed about your activities and can join. You can always choose from a large number of events and spend more time with more of your friends. In no time, you can organize your free time activities!


Inform your friends about events and get informed with just a fingertip.   Send event notifications additionally via email.
Invite friends without e-ventr by sending event information via SMS and email.   Search for public buddylists in your area and join them. A great opportunity to meet interesting people.
Import existing events from Last.fm   Save events into iPhone calendar.
Location support included. See all events in a map and get navigation support when needed.   Tweet your events.
Add public and private buddylists in order to (not) make your events visible to strangers.   Let friends know about your events on facebook.